Our Services


We commit in providing our best practices and quality of service viable for business decision-making and individual client needs.


Accounting and Financial Reporting

Our Firm aims to provide timely financial reports for viable business decision-making and to cater your day-to-day business needs and transactions.

Bookkeeping and Outsourced Accounting Services

Record keeping of day-to-day business transactions and other accounting services.

Data and Account Reconciliation

Prepares reconciliation reports such as bank reconciliation and other accounts analyses.

Management Reports

Prepares periodic (i.e. monthly, quarterly, annual) financial statements and reports with analyses for use in management and business meetings.

Reconstruction of Accounting Records

Reconstruction of books to provide more reliable data and financial information.

Compilation of Financial Statements

Prepares complete set of financial statements such as balance sheet, income statements, equity statement and cash flows.

Taxation and Compliance Services

Our Firm provides assistance to individuals and business owners in complying their tax requirements and other regulatory compliance.

Tax Return Preparation and Filing

Prepares monthly, quarterly and annual tax returns for submission to the BIR.

Tax Assessments, Refund and Credits

Assist in resolving disputes or tax assessments with the BIR including drafting of protests letter and request for refund or tax credits.

Tax Compliance Review

Provides an overall compliance review of all taxes and lists down tax exposures to improve the tax management of clients.

Tax Due Diligence

Performs comprehensive examination of the different types of taxes that may be imposed upon individual clients or businesses.

Business Tax Planning

Provides assistance to plan ahead any impact of taxes on businesses, specifically for start-up companies and companies that needs assistance on tax planning.

Audit and Assurance

Our Firm provides audit services to address the most complex issues using best audit practices and independent examination of the business.

Financial (Compliance) Audit

Performs audit procedures and provides an opinion on the financial statements of the clients for regulatory compliance (i.e. SEC and BIR) in line with applicable accounting standards.

Operational Audit

Performs a systematic review of effectiveness, efficiency and economy of operation and internal controls and provides independent evaluation of business operations.

Special Audit or Investigation

Assist in the prevention, detection and deterrence of fraud by identifying fraudulent transactions that warrant an investigation.

Agreed-Upon Procedures

Procedures are designed and agreed upon with clients based on a specific testing and provides only factual findings and does not offer opinions, conclusions or assurances in the final report.

Business Advisory & Consulting Services

Our Firm provides a wide-range of business advisory services tailored to the needs of the clients.

Business Process Review

Assist in the internal controls related to significant processes such as inventory management, sales order, purchases, cash receipts and disbursements, and financial closing process.

Business Consultation

Assist in the business decision-making of our clients to ensure that potential risks are mitigated and profits are maximized.

Professional Business Plan Study

Performs research and analysis of the business opportunities and risks which will be translated into a Business Plan to assist our client in achieving their goals.

Pricing and Cost Analysis

Provides assistance in determining which of the product/service segments of our clients should be improved/ discontinued based on performance and overall profitability.

Budgeting and Forecasting

Provides assistance on client budgeting for future projects to minimize cost and maximize profits and perform forecasting of cashflow for assessment of the clients’ liquidity.


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